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SHARE Stroke Study Receives £100,000 Funding

SHARE Stroke Study Receives £100,000 Funding


This research project, which utilises SHARE’s large bank of donated blood samples, has been awarded £100,000 of funding from The Data Lab. The study is led by Dr Alex Doney and aims to develop a new precision medicine care pathway for stroke patients with support from Storm ID, developers of the Lenus Digital Health Platform.

Every year, 15,000 people in Scotland have a stroke. This accounts for 5% of the NHS budget and 7% of beds in the NHS. There is good evidence that a widely used first-line medication (clopidogrel) does not work optimally in about 25% of patients who remain at increased risk of a further stroke compared with patients in whom the medication works normally. Although it is possible to identify these patients with a simple genetic test and offer alternative treatment, this does not happen routinely in the NHS.

SHARE members give permission for blood, left over for routine analyses, to be stored and used anonymously for genetic research. The information derived from these samples can be used to understand how genetic differences between patients can be used to personalise healthcare. In a growing number of clinical situations it is already known that such information can be used to help choose the most appropriate treatment.

The 2 year project seeks to identify how available genetic information in biobanks such as SHARE can be used to ensure stroke patients receive the most appropriate drug quickly to prevent further strokes, reduce re-admission rates, support long-term rehabilitation and save lives.

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