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40,000 SHARE registrations

40,000 SHARE registrations

The SHARE project is a partnership between the NHS, Government and Universities in Scotland to develop a research register of people aged 16 or over and living in Scotland who have agreed to be informed about health research projects that they may be interested in taking part in. There is no obligation to take part in any specific study and it is up to the individual to decide at the time whether they wish to partake in the research.

In addition to asking people to register on the SHARE database, there is another even simpler request. Many of us have regular blood tests done by our GP or at the hospital. When such a sample is analysed, the blood that remains in the tube is thrown away. GoSHARE, the genetics of people on the SHARE register, asks permission to store this excess blood from routine clinical testing to be stored for genetic research.

Joining the SHARE register only takes a minute but will significantly increase the effectiveness of health research in Scotland.

Please tell others about SHARE and encourage them to register. Together we can make a real difference to Scotland's health!

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