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New SHARE initiative launched

New SHARE initiative launched

Today sees the launch of the Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE), a new initiative designed to help improve Scotland’s future health.

The aim of the project is to make it easier to carry out medical research by asking Scots to sign up to SHARE and provide secure access to their medical records through the NHS.

Health research plays a vital role in developing new treatments and cures for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. By joining SHARE and allowing secure access to their records, volunteers can make a huge contribution to the future wellbeing of thousand of Scots.

That process – which should take less than a minute and ensures that health records remain totally confidential – helps research teams to identify trends, individuals and communities and match them to vital health studies.

A spokesman for SHARE said: “This initiative offers a tremendous opportunity to make a real difference to Scotland’s health.

“Over the coming months, our main objective is to grow the SHARE community and encourage Scots to join up and help make a real contribution to the nation’s future wellbeing.

“Signing up is very simple and doesn’t commit people to taking part in any studies but if their health profile can be matched to a suitable research project, that could play an important part in tackling a wide range of conditions and diseases which affect thousands of their fellow Scots.”


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