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SHARE Director Involved in New Diabetes Research

SHARE Director Involved in New Diabetes Research

One of SHARE's Co-Directors, Professor Brian McKinstry, has been involved in an exciting research study which has helped patients with Type 2 Diabetes contain better glycaemic control of their disease. Half of the patients involved in the study submitted their blood glucose readings to a website which was monitored by a health professional, who could then offer feedback and guide their treatment electronically.

The results from the group that received the electronic intervention were encouraging, with lowered blood glucose and blood pressure levels than those in the control group. With more and more of the population choosing to switch to online services in everyday life, it makes sense that parts of our health care could follow in this direction also. This study shows the validity of e-health measures that are cost-effective, accessible to the public and engaging with groups of people on a different platform.

To read more about this study then click here.

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