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SHARE gets the Royal Seal of Approval

SHARE gets the Royal Seal of Approval

It has been a memorable week in the SHARE office for a number of different reasons but the real highlight was our SHARE Programme Manager, Shobna Vasishta, meeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at a private reception at Holyrood Palace.

Ms Vasishta was one of only 140 guests invited to attend the prestigious event in recognition of her dedicated work with SHARE and a number of different charities. Ms Vasishta describes her meeting with the Queen as an 'honour' and spoke about how interested the Queen was in hearing about the SHARE project and the impact it is making on Scottish health research.

Our SHARE Programme Manager had an interesting story to share with the Queen as her own father also had the honour of meeting her, when she was still Princess Elizabeth, 64 years ago in Kenya.

Ms Vasishta said: "My father met her in 1952 in Nairobi when she was Princess Elizabeth - it was the day before she became Queen.

"I said that to her and the smile on her face was wonderful. My father suffers from dementia, but when I phoned and told him today that I was meeting her, he said to make sure that I told her he was asking after her".

It was an amazing day at Holyrood Palace and not one our Programme Manager will forget in a hurry. By being invited to this event she was able to speak to many different attendees about the SHARE project and why people should register to help health research in Scotland. Without research we would not have the treatments and therapies that are available to us today and no possibility of finding cures for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's.

Registering for SHARE only takes a minute but the benefits will be felt for generations to come. 

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