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Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week


This week, 11th-17th of March 2019, is Brain Awareness Week (BAW) organised by the Dana Foundation. The purpose of this campaign is to raise public awareness about the progress and benefits of ongoing brain research.

The SHARE initiative is currently supporting a range of brain-related research projects including dementia research studies (the EPAD and Generation projects) and an epilepsy research study (Scottish Epilepsy Study).

EPAD (European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia Longitudinal Cohort Study) is a study exploring Alzheimer’s Dementia. This project is investigating the different factors involved in the development of the disease. This may also lead to the development of new treatments for the prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia.

The Generation Program, also looking into Alzheimer’s disease (AD), is a two-part study aiming to identify individuals who are at an increased risk of developing AD and subsequently exploring two new drugs in the prevention of this neurological condition.

The Scottish Epilepsy Study is investigating the neurological disorder epilepsy. The research team are exploring why some groups of people with epilepsy have complications with their condition and others don’t. They aim to help people living with epilepsy by examining if changing service delivery or treatment options could improve care, with a secondary aim to increase awareness of epilepsy in Scotland.

For more information about current studies please visit the STUDIES section of the website by clicking here.

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