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What is share?

  • Improve future healthcare in Scotland
  • Research can lead to better treatments and cures for you and your family
  • Just sharing your details is enough to help
  • Option to participate in health trials if you want
  • It's easy to sign up or opt out

SHARE is a new NHS Research Scotland initiative created to establish a register of people interested in participating in health research and who agree to allow SHARE to use the coded data in their various NHS computer records to check whether they might be suitable for health research studies. This access can be incredibly useful when it comes to developing new treatments and cures for a wide variety of health conditions.

When you join, you might be invited to take part in a health research study in the future but it would be up to you at the time to decide if you wanted to participate.

It only takes a minute to join the SHARE register, but together we can make a real difference to Scotland's future health.

What's New?

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  • Craig Levein becomes 250,000th...

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  • Brain Awareness Week

    The 11th-17th March 2019 is Brain Awareness week. Read More

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