Accessibility Statement

We are continuously working to make our website as accessible and user-friendly as possible. We try to make our site easy to use with assistive technologies by using: 

  • easier-to-read colours 
  • larger fonts - if you need to increase the font size across the site please use the following methods: 
    1) holding the Ctrl button and pressing '+'  
    2) holding Ctrl and scrolling up with a mouse
  • keyboard-only navigation (top navigation, search bar, footer, page content links) 
  • all labels, buttons and form inputs are accessible throughout the website via screen readers (using ARIA methods) 
  • alternative text that presents the content of an image to screen reader users or in other situations where images cannot be seen or are unavailable 

Compliance statement 
SHARE commits to making its website accessible in line with the accessibility regulations. This accessibility statement applies to registerforshare.org and was prepared on the 12th April 2021. We will review this statement regularly and update where necessary.
This website partially complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 (WCAG) A and AA success criteria. The accessibility regulations do not cover PDF or other documents published before 23 September 2018 if they're not essential to providing our services.

Please note that the SHARE website contains a lot of different areas and functionality that is regularly updated. As a result, some areas of the site may not fully pass the WCAG 2.1 AA criteria for colour contrast and may not be fully accessible, such as:


  • Top slider section (banner text, button, navigation) 
  • 'What is SHARE' button 
  • Research Data - 'Application process' button 
  • Featured Clinical Studies - Learn more button 
  • Call to action link descriptions 
  • Latest news - Learn more button 

All content subpages:

  • Navigation links below banners (e.g. Home / Publications) 
  • Further reading link titles 
  • Banner content blocks (Title & Subtitle) 

Studies, Publications, News:

  • 'Read more' button on each article


  • Generate data button


  • Complete Registration button

If this is causing you difficulties understanding the content or you require any of this information in an alternative format or language, please contact us via the methods described below and we will do our best to assist you.

Email: [email protected].  
Telephone: 01382 383471 
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It only takes a minute to join. Together we can make a difference to Scotland's future health.

It only takes a minute to join. Together we can make a difference to Scotland's future health.