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The information you provide is all we need to identify your NHS records - you do not even have to provide your home address as we can get this from the information you do tell us

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SHARE will try to contact you by phone, email or post. Please provide all relevant information.

It is useful to know how many times a year we can contact you. Please tell us the maximum times in one year you would like us to let you know about any suitable health studies:

If you decide to join SHARE you are agreeing to allow us to use the coded data in your various NHS computer records to check whether you might be suitable for research projects about health. If you are suitable we will contact you to let you know about relevant studies. Once you hear more about any study you will have the opportunity to decide whether to take part.

We are also asking for your permission to store any spare blood left over from routine clinical tests to be used for research purposes in conjunction with the general SHARE register. This will allow us to find new ways to improve the safety and the effectiveness of drugs to combat disease.

What is the purpose of this part of the SHARE register?
Recent advances in early diagnosis and treatment of disease have been due to understanding genetics and how specific genes influence disease severity and response to certain medications. This is an important growing area of research as the discovery of gene variations could be used to develop new, more effective drug treatments for individuals. Many people in Scotland have already been involved in genetic studies. 10% of the Tayside population have already volunteered for genetic studies into diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, asthma, eczema and COPD. The GoSHARE register in Tayside will greatly expand the valuable research being carried out in this area.
Why would you want my blood?
Every time you give blood for a routine clinical test, a small amount may be left in the tube. This "spare blood" can be a valuable research resource. To do research we need your permission to keep and study any of your blood that is left over after a routine test. This will greatly enhance our ability to study the role of genes in disease and health and to improve future healthcare. By joining SHARE and GoSHARE you are giving permission to access your surplus blood after clinical tests have been carried out. You are also giving permission to securely store this material, carry out genetic analysis and use any of the information gained for further research. This information may also be combined with your coded medical data and we may invite you to participate in future clinical studies.
Will you take blood from me for SHARE?
We will use blood from samples you may give in the future for testing, when you visit your doctor or hospital. You are simply giving us permission to use any of the left over blood after testing is complete. No more blood will be taken than is usual for standard clinical tests. You will not have to give an extra sample.
What will happen to me if I take part?
The registration process will take just a few moments to complete. No further action is required on your part, you do not need to come to the hospital, and no special blood tests will be requested. We will only store blood that remains in the NHS laboratory after you have had a test requested by your doctor. All of the stored samples will be coded so that they cannot be directly traced back to you as the donor. Your identity will be kept separate from your coded samples. Any medical information and samples used in research will have all personal information removed so that it cannot be identified as you.