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APP for Asthma

Researchers in Edinburgh are looking for participants with asthma to help with research into improving the management of the condition.

This study aims to find out what sort of apps, connected technologies or gadgets you think would help you to help manage your asthma. The study involves 15 people with asthma taking part in a one hour individual interview with a researcher which will be arranged for your convenience. For more information, please read the patient information sheet available via link below.

If you think you may like to take part, please click on this link ( and express your interest. This does not commit you to participating. The researcher, Dr Io Hui, will contact you and tell you about the study, and you can ask any questions about the study before deciding if you want to participate.

Who can take part?

Anyone who is living in the UK, is 16 year or over, has been diagnosed with asthma by their doctor; is not under the care of a hospital clinic or been admitted to hospital in the last 3 months for asthma are welcomed.  

How will the study benefit people with asthma? 

Taking part in this research may not benefit you personally. However, being involved in the study will help us to refine better self-management system for people with asthma.                      

Any questions about the study, please contact Io Hui on 01316503209 or

Alternatively you can contact the SHARE studies team on 01382 383235 / 383431 or at