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iPREVENT (Obesity)

Overweight and obesity affects over 60% of the UK population. In adults, most weight gain occurs when people are in their 20s and 30s and causes many adults to become obese by the time they are middle-aged, leading to increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  There is increasing evidence that diet plays an important role in preventing obesity.

Researchers at Glasgow Royal Infirmary (GRI) are looking for volunteers to take part in a study which is investigating the effects of a new food supplement on the prevention of weight gain in young adults who are at high risk of gaining weight. They want to compare 2 supplements to find out which is better. One is called inulin propionate ester (IPE) and the other is inulin alone (control). These are natural constituents of vegetables such as onions, chicory and Jerusalem artichokes.

This study will run for 12 months and there will be a total of 5 visits to GRI. The first visit will be the screening visit, you would be given a physical activity questionnaire to complete, have a blood test and a pregnancy test (urine sample). The team will ask about your medical history and lifestyle and you will have a physical examination. You will also have an ECG. If you are eligible and happy to join the study you will be given a food diary to take away and complete before your next visit. At the next 4 visits (0, 2, 6 and 12 months) you will have the same tests as before except the ECG.

At the first main study visit, you will be randomly allocated to receive either the inulin propionate ester supplement or inulin supplement, and you won’t know which. The supplements will be in sachets which can be taken with cold food or drink (sprinkled or mixed in) once a day. You will also be given another 7 day diary to complete.

Travel expenses will be provided and you will receive compensation for your time.

For more information about this study please email or call 01382 383235/383431.

To check your eligibility for this study please complete the short questionnaire below. If you wish to take part, please ensure that you register with SHARE on completion (even if you have done so already) to ensure that we can contact you.

Please tell us a little more about yourself to see whether you may be suitable for this study.

Please answer the questions below.

1 . * Do you live in Glasgow?
2 . * Are you aged 20-35?
3 . * Do you have a BMI of 25-30kg/m2?