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SSS (Diabetes)

Researchers in Tayside are looking for volunteers, aged 40-80, to take part in a study investigating Type 2 Diabetes which is well controlled either with diet or metformin alone.

The researchers want to see if adding a small dose of a commonly used diabetes medicine (Sulphonylureas) can improve insulin levels. This may in future help doctors make better use of diabetes treatments and improve blood sugar levels. Your regular medications will not change while you take part in the study and taking part will not harm your diabetes control.

Participation will last about 8 weeks and during the study you will visit the Clinical Research Centre at Ninewells Hospital a total of 6 times. You will be looked after throughout by the research doctor and a team of clinical research nurses. The first 2 visits will last around 1 hour each and the remaining 4 visits will last around 3 hours each.

As a thank you and compensation for your time you will be offered vouchers for taking part in this study.

For more information about this study please email [email protected] or call 01382 383235.

To check your eligibility for this study please complete the short questionnaire below. If you wish to take part, please ensure that you register with SHARE on completion (even if you have done so already) to ensure that we can contact you.

Please tell us a little more about yourself to see whether you may be suitable for this study.

Please answer the questions below.

1 . * Do you live in Tayside?
2 . * Are you aged 40-80 years?
3 . * Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?
4 . * Is your diabetes controlled with either diet or metformin alone (please indicate which below)?